5 Style Tips to Transform Your Look

Your wardrobe is as unique as your fingerprint, and while you may have ubiquitous items like your jeans or your favourite white t-shirt, nobody puts together an outfit quite like you. Whether you manage to balance grunge with glam, how you combine fabrics or use accessories to elevate your outfit, the way you dress is a statement of your signature style.

Occasionally, most women know that feeling of having a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear. Perhaps you are overwhelmed with your choices and clothing combinations or feel that your options are limited because you don’t care about your usual choices.

Knowing how to get the most out of your wardrobe can save you precious time in the morning getting ready for work or meeting friends at a party, not to mention saving money to buy new clothes, when you might not need them.

In this article, we’ve covered some simple styling tips that can help you take the guesswork out of getting dressed while looking neat and groomed every time you leave the house.

Organize Your Closet

Before you start creating eye-catching ensembles, you need to know what clothes are in your wardrobe. Start by organizing your items into categories like blouses, pants, knitwear, and dresses, hang the ones that need to be hung, and fold the rest.

Clean up your closet by checking off the items you want to keep and handing out those that no longer suit you or suit your tastes. If you find this a difficult process, a good tip is to throw out the items that no longer bring you joy, as this will help you ditch the clothes you never wear, streamline your style, and make your selection more effective outfits.

Another great tip for decluttering your closet is to hang your clothes the opposite way you normally would. When you wear them, hang them normally. Over time, this will give you a good indication of which clothes have not been touched and are simply taking up space on your clothes rail.

Going forward, try to keep your closet organized by being disciplined in your shopping. A “one in, one out” system (where you drop an item every time you add a new one) keeps your closet clutter-free and avoids excessive accumulation of clothes.

Shop For Your Shape

Shopping for your figure is essential if you want to have a wardrobe that you are comfortable with your style. Women who dress well and effortlessly usually know which shapes suit their bodies and which ones to avoid. If you’re not sure about your body shape, ask a friend for help or do some research online.

Another way to determine the most appropriate clothing for your body is to look at the most flattering items you already own. If you’re often told that you look great in a certain outfit or style of clothing, pay attention to its shape. This can be high-waisted jeans or a pencil skirt that accentuates your waist and defines your hourglass figure or wide-leg pants that make your legs look longer, slimmer and slimmer.

Knowing your body shape can also help you wear well-fitting clothes, shape your figure properly, and feel comfortable. Work with silhouettes like this one to highlight your best features and underscore your confidence and style.

Be Bold

Incorporating lighter colours into your clothes can help you show off your personality and feel happier. It’s easy to get into a sartorial rut of always picking the same colours and opting for the same simple designs. Liven up your wardrobe by experimenting with colours, patterns and prints.

Shop for pretty pink dresses or add a pop of colour with your choice of shoes or lipstick to elevate an otherwise dark outfit. An animal print scarf, polka dot skirt or floral blouse are just a few of the ways to introduce patterns and prints into your wardrobe.

One of the best ways to introduce prints or patterns into your wardrobe is to wear them under neutral clothes like a solid colour blazer or cardigan, as it enhances the overall look of the outfit. Have fun adding more colours and patterns to your wardrobe, whether it’s small details like a belt or scarf, or larger items like a dress.

Invest in Quality Basics

Every woman should have a few must-haves in her closet that can stand the test of time. This can include items such as a pair of jeans, a little black dress, an oversized cardigan, a denim jacket, solid colour t-shirts, or a classic white shirt. The versatility of these essentials allows you to create multiple outfits, allowing you to do more with less in your wardrobe.

Since you can wear these pieces over and over again, it pays to invest in quality fabrics that don’t need to be replace regularly. In addition, high-quality clothing is more comfortable to wear and looks more representative, giving you a neat appearance. By shopping less often, you also save time and money on repeat purchases, making shopping so economical.

Add Accessories

No outfit is complete without the right accessories. Whether it’s a beautiful watch, a trendy necklace, sunglasses, a hat or a scarf, always complete your look with one of the two finishing touches. A basic outfit like a white t-shirt with jeans can be transforming in no time with a necklace, a pair of heels or a trendy clutch.

The right companions can add a bit of glamour to a casual outfit or give your evening outfit that certain something. Mixing up your accessories also allows you to wear the same outfit multiple times and create a different look each time. Coming to accessorizing, less is more. Don’t let your accessories overwhelm your outfit, show it off instead.

By following the five tips in this article, you can easily create outfits that are stylish, comfortable, and suited to your body type and style for any occasion.

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