How do you dress stylish and Professionally: Top 7 methods


Let’s face it, coming to work in the morning is half the battle. Between hitting the snooze button, working out in the early morning, and listening to a long podcast while listening to the ride, there’s barely time to have a healthy breakfast, let alone get dressed. Something suitable for work and fashion at the same time. When planning your work wardrobe, resist the urge to wear what’s easier. Prints are everything in the workforce, and yours should be ready at all times. Read on to find seven easy ways to stand out from your colleagues and be the most prominent professional and stylish in your workplace.


1. Have fun with the patterns

Your basic white shirt with a black pantsuit is just that – basic. Opt for the classic work uniform this season and have fun mixing up a few designs in your weekly wardrobe. A leopard print dress under a sleek black blazer and heels is a killer look for any employee meeting. Or breathe life into your windowless cabin with a vividly patterned blouse and pencil skirt. Something as simple as a stunning pair of animal print mules can add style to an everyday work outfit. The bottom line is that the classic button-down white suit/pants / muffled heels are good for the job but go above and beyond with stylish patterns.

2. Accessorize

Not everything is black and white in the workplace, but gray is no fun in the cloakroom. Suppose your wardrobe looks a little drab. Use accessories to add much-needed color to your everyday look. A spectacular pair of earrings or a long, colorful pendant can be just what you need to brighten up your drab and drab office space.


A silk scarf is another unique and often unexpected way to add a touch of color and personality to a classic corporate look. Not sure if you have the confidence to take off a scarf? Instead, tie it into your hair for an effortless yet professional look. If you are in a rush, just seize a chic handbag or tote from your closet to add a quick and fashionable addition to your wardrobe. A stylish handbag or tote can accentuate any outfit – not to mention the necessary things you need for a busy working day.

3. Love the layers

Why does the office seem blocked at all times of the year in winter? Office air conditioning systems only seem to work at two temperatures: cooler and cooler. So if you don’t plan on using an electric blanket or parka, we highly recommend that you layer your work clothes. Shift dresses or button-down dresses are a great base for a layered look. Their loose style pairs perfectly with stylish tights and boots for the colder months or allows for breezy bare legs and strappy sandals in the warmer months. They also look great under a blazer, long cardigan, or even something as simple as a denim jacket. If you want to be warm while looking stylish, layering is the right choice.


4. Have a statement piece

Save a few valuable minutes in the morning and invest in a few trendy pieces that you can use to plan your daily clothes. For example, a black shift dress looks great on its own but looks even better at the waist with a snake print belt. A pair of cheetah-print pumps can work wonders for a simple pantsuit, and even the right trendy collar can open your eyes to a subtle pencil skirt and sweater look. Don’t overload your look with too many trendy pieces worn at the same time. If in doubt, keep it simple, and we promise that the impression you leave will be anything but.

5. Keep it low

Just because you have a fancy office job in a great building doesn’t mean you have to kill your feet (or your back) by wearing high heels all day, every day. If heels aren’t your thing or you just need a break, invest in comfortable flat shoes that you can walk up in all day, with so many cute and stylish flats to choose from – whether printed mules or studded slippers – you are guaranteed to find a shoe that will keep you stylish without sacrificing comfort.


6. Redefine casual Friday

Everyone is undoubtedly looking forward to relaxed Fridays, but sometimes it can be confusing to know what is considered “professionally suitable.” Take the casual bar to a whole new level this Friday with faux leather leggings to piece your look together. Leather leggings look great with a flowing white tunic and jacket or under a sweater dress with suede ankle boots. Add a pendant necklace and cool sunglasses, and your outfit is ready for work and any afterlife.

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7. Make it yours

Sometimes all it takes is faith – and makeup – to add a little something to an otherwise stunning look. Try adding a new face to your classic office look with bright red lipstick or soft eye shadow. When you want to get rid of heavy makeup, try neat hairstyles to complete your office look. Whatever the occasion, sometimes it takes courage to make a good impression.


We know what it’s like to be so involved in the work that you forget to be yourself. That is why you should stick to your style at work. Whether you are having an important meeting or just spending a normal day at your desk, you will always enjoy a great look and feel at work. So take a look at a few of these stylish waist tips – then get to work and see what the day has in store for you!

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