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At, we offer those with a passion for writing and inventive editorial skills the opportunity to “write for us”. If you’re good at writing informative research articles for our audience, you’ve come to the right place.

We,, welcome contributing writers in niches related to fashion, beauty, lifestyle, fitness, weight loss, makeup, health, skincare, apparel, jewellery, hair care, technology, health, nutrition and more.

We,, ask that you read our policies carefully before writing for us. Make sure the content meets all the guidelines to consider.

To write for, you can email us at

Guest Post Submission Guidelines:

We accept guest posts, but we strictly follow the guidelines. If you don’t follow these guidelines, we will refuse your item. Here are the submission guidelines. They are as follows:

Some general guidelines guest writers should understand.

  • The length of the article must be more than 800 words.
  • The article may not be published anywhere on the web – submit the original article
  • Don’t write textbook style!
  • Be sure to focus on grammar, sentences, quality, & uniqueness.
  • We check your posts for plagiarism and if anything is copied or duplicated or content is found, it will be rejected
  • Links in the article must be relevant to the article
  • We do not allow affiliate links.
  • There must be at least 1 picture. Image size should be 1200 x 628 and larger for featured images.
  • Include a brief biography of the author

These are the 9 guidelines guest writers should follow. Violating these rules may not be appropriate for guest writers. In this case we will refuse articles.

How to submit an article for Fashionblogpage:

In order for you to get your article posted on Fashionblogpage, you will first have to pitch us a post and showcase your writing skills and knowledge.

You can email us at with the subsequent info

  • Author bio
  • Article
  • A relevant image
  • Email Subject: “Guest Post Submission”

Niches That We Accept

We accept guest posts in several niches, and here is the list:

  • Fashion
  • Health
  • Technology
  • Jewellery
  • How To’s and Guides
  • Skin Care
  • Clothing
  • Nutrition

These are the 8 categories that our website owns, and we accept guest posts on these or similar topics.

If you are an expert in writing content on these topics, you can submit your pitches. Again, we will measure everything before publishing your item on our site, so be careful with that. Do not deceive us by submitting outdated or duplicate content.

Benefits of Guest Posting

That is the question. Why are you spending your valuable time writing the article and sending it to us? This has several advantages and I will mention them.

  • Get good traffic
  • Build a relationship
  • Earn powerful backlinks
  • Increase the authority of your website
  • Improved Google search results
  • Improve your article writing skills

These are the 6 benefits of guest posting. There are a few other benefits, but I’ve listed the main ones.

Now we will explain these benefits in brief detail.

Get good traffic

Every web admin works to get traffic because without traffic nothing happens. Every time you guest post someone, you attract backlinks and traffic.

When you write quality content, the reader will engage with your article, and when they are engaged, they will spend hours reading that article. It also opens the relevant links you included in this article. If it opens those relevant links, you will get decent traffic to your site because those links belong to you.

When you get traffic from these articles, your website authority will increase and you will gain loyal readers.

Build a relationship

Having a good relationship with SEO experts and influencers is another good thing and this interaction is only possible if you communicate with each other.

Moreover, every time you submit your guest posts, praise the site owner. If you talk to him politely, he will answer you politely. After communicating for some time, you manage to establish a good relationship with this website owner.

Building a relationship helps a lot because the site owner will take your pitch and you can get quality guest posts on their site.

Earn powerful backlinks

Every SEO expert works to get powerful and quality backlinks because you cannot build your website authority without backlinks. Every time you post on other websites, you earn strong backlinks.

When you have more backlinks, you get more rankings and traffic. Everyone knows that Google prefers contextual backlinks to spam comments and profiles. A backlink from the context of the article is considered the strongest backlink.

Increase the authority of your website

Increasing your website authority is only possible when you get backlinks from relevant and high ranking domains. Your website authority doesn’t grow with just one backlink. You need to earn backlinks in bulk to build your website authority.

In addition, you should note the domain authority, page authority and spam score of the website before placing your bids. If the metrics of this website are reasonable, you can get guest posts and increase your website authority.

Improved Google search results

Undoubtedly, you will get more traffic and backlinks if you publish more guest posts. When your backlinks are higher and stronger than your competitors, you can outperform them on multiple keywords.

Similarly, when your website gets backlinks, its ranking improves. After being ranked on multiple keywords you will get a lot of traffic and as your website becomes popular your overall authority and ranking will increase.

Improve your article writing skills

Being good at something helps a lot, which is only possible with a lot of practice. Every time you post someone as a guest, you are writing articles.

On the other hand, consistently writing articles will increase your typing speed and search in this niche. If you become an expert in a niche, you can create a website and earn a lot.

But the thing is, you have to be good at writing articles in a specific niche. If your article writing skills are good in a specific niche, you can work as an author and show the site owners your previous examples before submitting the guest post.

Some Previous Examples

We have published many guest posts on our website, but to show you an example, we are sharing the top 3 guest posts that have ever been published on our website.

[URL 1 =]

[URL 2 =]

[URL 3 =]

These are the 3 guest posts published on our website. If you can write articles of the same quality, you are most welcome then.

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