What is body polishing for a groom?


While having the right outfit for the groom is essential, you also need to prepare yourself physically overall if you want to look good. Check out the following treatments that you can do in a beauty center and at your home.

As important as the choice of wedding decorations or the bride’s choice of your bride’s wedding dress, so is your care. So don’t minimize this item and look for treatments that will help you look even more beautiful in your silver tire pose. And leave the prejudices behind because more and more men are trying to pay attention to their image. You will not regret it!


In the aesthetics center



Since the gold ring can be seen in almost all photos, you must be concerned about flawless hands-on D-Day. A manicure in a salon is ideal for this, which usually includes filing, soaking, embossing, cuticle correction, polishing, peeling, and moisturizing, to conclude with a hand massage. You can even apply an opaque base if you want to give your nails a more even color.

Relief massage

It corresponds to a deep muscular massage whose specific techniques manage to untie contractures, relieve tension, relieve muscle pain and restore the body’s natural energy. It will be great for you in the days leading up to the wedding. In addition, you can add benefits such as a scalp massage which stimulates the scalp, neck, and shoulders and releases all muscle and energy blockages. You can also go for a calming massage if you think a pre-wedding relaxing massage can be very powerful.

Facial cleansing

Another essential part of your beauty routine should be facial treatment. While you will find many options, go for the more comprehensive one, which involves removing dead cells, removing toxins built up in the skin, extracting blackheads, deep moisturizing, and lifting. You will also find vitamin C treatments that revitalize, firm, detoxify and refresh male skin. Eye! Don’t clean the day before you share your wedding cake, as the redness from the treatment may linger on your face.

Chemical peel

People with more severe skin lesions like acne scars, blemishes, sun lenses, or rosacea may prefer a chemical peel or chemoexfoliation. It is a non-surgical procedure in which part of the epidermis is removed more or less deeply, creating a natural renewal of the tissue. In addition, this technology increases the production of collagen and elastin, which leads to a rejuvenating effect.

Hair removal

Whether in the beauty salon or the barbershop, waxing is another treatment not to be missed. At least if you want to wax specific areas like your nose, ears, forehead, temples, cheekbones, or chin. You can even pluck, trace, or iron your eyebrows, which is natural in the hands of a professional when in doubt. Among few other things, it is worth highlighting the lightening of the eyebrows or the shave under the browbone or on the arch of it. You will amaze by the results!

Localized fat reduction

Sculpt your body non-invasively and embark on a treatment that aims to get rid of localized fat that normally accumulates in the abdomen. Depending on the beauty institute chosen, you will find mixed treatments that combine techniques such as heating blankets, reducing massage, lymphatic drainage, ultrasound, Russian waves, electroporation, jaotherapy, or mesotherapy. These techniques can increase lipolysis or fat loss and bring about a change in two to three sessions.




Cream routine

It takes time to marry a flawless complexion, so it’s a good idea to use a moisturizer with sunscreen at least a month in advance. The idea is to use it every morning and ideally before applying a serum, which is a product that acts directly on the deep layers of the skin and regenerates cells. During this time, you can use a moisturizer and firming cream for the night. Remember to always choose creams based on your skin type, whether normal, oily, dry, sensitive or combination. Also, try to apply it with upward strokes and ideally lean towards those containing vitamins C and E.

Against dark circles

If you’re feeling tired or having trouble falling asleep normally, there are some homemade tips on how to avoid those pesky bags under the eyes. Under them, apply ice cubes wrapped in a cloth for 15 minutes or place a cotton ball soaked in chamomile on the dark circles. You can also resort to treatments with, among others, mint leaves, cucumber, tomatoes, green tea, ground coffee, or baking soda—all with anti-inflammatory substances that reduce puffiness and spots that darken the eyes. However, if you wish something a little less artisanal, go to a drug store and purchase an eye gel that decongests, moisturizes, and brightens the area. You need to apply the product in the morning and the evening.

Perfect shave

Nothing is more common for a man than to shave. The idea, however, is to acquire a routine that doesn’t cause skin damage, such as irritation or cuts. For this, you need to prepare the skin before shaving by moistening the hair with lukewarm water and cleaning the skin with soap or a mild scrub. He prefers shaving gel to foam during the action because the gel is non-irritating and provides a lubricity that reduces friction between the skin and the blade. And then, after shaving, moisturize, refresh, soften and disinfect the area with an aftershave, which you can find in the form of a lotion or balm. It is suggested to use this product after showering. You will see how your shave is so littered with external aggressions that it can be married to flawless skin.

Hair mask

Hair is another important element that you cannot overlook because you don’t want to end up with dry or brittle hair. You can discover so many products on the marketplace for this, like face masks, so you just need to recognize your hair type and choose one according to your needs. For example, to strengthen hair, moisturize it when it is dry, repair it or prevent hair loss. Now, if you prefer tips, you will also find plenty of ideas for making masks with natural ingredients. Including mayonnaise, yogurt, avocado, honey, olive oil, and even beer, to name a few foods with beneficial properties for your hair. That is how you stimulate the growth of healthy, revitalized hair.

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In addition to your partner, you will be watched from head to toe by the guests in the pose of your wedding ring. With the same care with which you chose the engagement ring, it’s now your turn to take care of your overall care. It will be your best investment!

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