How To Lather Shaving Soap & Best Shaving Soaps Ever

How to lather shaving soap

How To Lather Shaving Soap: There are three methods to use and lather shaving soap. You need to choose the method which is the most suitable for you. However, to get the max out of your shaving soap, we suggest adding the lather to a bowl or cup before application, as this will give the maximum amount of lather per shave that works best for a large part of shaving.

Three ways to use and lather shaving soap

Steps to follow while using a badger with the three methods

  1. 1.Let the soap soak in your shaving bowl with a little lukewarm water for a few minutes.

(Our soap is hard and should be soaked before lathering for maximum performance. Hard soaps last much longer than softer soaps.)

  1. 2.Soak your brush in a sink or cup of lukewarm water for a few minutes.

(A properly hydrated brush produces a faster, richer lather. This step is unnecessary, but the lather feel can vary depending on the type of brush (natural or syntactic hair).)

  1. 3.While the soap (and brush) soaks in, wash your skin thoroughly with lukewarm water to soften the hair and add moisture to the skin.

(If you have just showered, consider this step complete. If a shower does not precede your shave, please take the time to do this step. Take care of your skin beforehand is also essential.)

  1. 4.Now the soap (and the brush) has softened. Pour most of the water out of the bowl or mug, leaving only a few drops.
  2. 5.Make sure the shaving brush is wet but damp. Squeeze the water out of the badger.
  3. 6.Load the brush by rubbing it vigorously over the shaving soap in circular motions.
  4. (If foam forms, keep scrubbing for about 30 seconds, making sure the brush picks up enough soap.)

Method 1: Lather the shaving soap in a bowl or mug with a shaving brush

  1. 1.Continue to foam in a bowl or mug in a rapid circular motion until the desired foam has formed.
  2. 2.Depending on your water type, you may need to add water droplets to activate the soap more effectively.
  3. 3.Apply the mousse in light circular motions and distribute evenly over the skin.
  4. 4.Finally, shave with your favorite razor.
  5. 5.If necessary, follow the three steps in this section for additional passes.

Method 2: Lather shaving soap directly onto the skin with a shaving brush

  1. 1.Foam directly onto the skin with quick circular movements until the desired foam has formed, evenly covering the skin.
  2. 2.Slightly moisten the brush tip or add drops of water as needed to create the desired foam.
  3. 3.Shave yourself with your favorite razor.
  4. 4.If necessary, follow the two steps in this section for additional passes.

Method 3: Lather the shaving soap in your hands with the shaving brush

  1. 1.Continue to lather in your hand in a rapid circular motion until the desired lather has formed.
  2. 2.Lightly dampen the tip of the brush or add drops of water as needed to create a lather.
  3. 3.Apply the lather by hand and shave with your favorite razor.
  4. 4.If necessary, follow the two steps in this section for additional passes.

Foam shaving soap in hands without badger

This method comes directly from customers who use shaving soap refill washers. You can use this method if you don’t have a shaving brush or bowl/cup, but we don’t guarantee its effectiveness. Surprisingly, some customers even use shaving soap as a facial cleanser. Again, it is not intended for this use, but we appreciate that our customers find the soap a versatile product and enjoy the results.

  1. 1.Moisten your hands with the soap and rub them into your hands until a thick layer of soap has transferred.
  2. 2.Set the soap aside and rub your hands together in circular motions until the desired foam has formed.
  3. 3.You may need to add drops of water to activate the soap effectively.
  4. 4.Apply the foam to your hands and shave with your favorite razor.

The Best Shaving Soaps ever

Ariana & Evans

A & E


Ariana & Evans (A&E) Like Barrister & Mann, Catie’s Bubbles, and a few others, A&E is very “fragrance oriented.” But in addition to the smell, they also have an excellent base for shaving soap made from sebum, lanolin, and goat’s milk. A&E shaving soaps are often praised for their voluminous and “creamy” lather and their moisturizing treatment after shaving.

Declaration Grooming

Declaration Grooming, formerly L&L Grooming, continues to make significant strides in finding the “best” in shaving soap technology (if you allow me the pun). I was L & L’s first “official” customer in 2016, and it was a good, solid product. Soon after, the introduction of a buffalo sebum shaving soap base caused a stir in the community of shaving enthusiasts. Their new shaving soap base, Milksteak, is widely regarded as one of the best in the business and offers extra-thick lather. Reviews often end with words like “Amazing” and “extraordinary.”

Mike’s Natural Shaving Soaps

Mike’s Natural Shaving Soaps are another craft that goes “under the radar” even in the enthusiast communal, though it’s been around for some time. But shaving soaps are the real deal: high-quality ingredients with minimal chemical extras (most use essential oils for the scent). Many reviews mention the ease with which Mike’s soaps lather.

Wholly Kaw

Wholly Kaw is another wet shave craftsman who shaped the world of shaving soaps. Their “claim to fame” uses donkey milk (some use a less benevolent term for donkey) in some of their shaving soaps. Donkey milk contains several proteins, vitamins, and other skin-friendly ingredients often used as an alternative to lanolin, which can irritate some people. The moisture after shaving and the skin feel is particularly good with these formulas.

Chiseled Face

The shaving soaps from Chiseled Face enjoy an excellent reputation, especially in the enthusiastic community. Particularly noteworthy is Ghost Town Barber, their interpretation of the ubiquitous “barbershop scent.” Due to its extreme cooling properties (OK, freezing), Cryogen is another highlight among the “menthol buds.”

Stirling Soaps

Stirling Soaps is an established and respected artisan whose products are widely available. They have a wide range of fragrances and an active laboratory that is regularly updated—the reputation of the Stirling Soap Prize. The performance ratio is excellent.

DR Harris range of shaving soaps

The DR Harris range of shaving soaps is perhaps the last of the good old-fashioned shaving soaps from traditional British wet-shave brands. In other brands with checkered histories have largely outsourced their soap production to others, which in turn have changed the soap’s original formulation so far that it was no longer a matter of working at the highest level. DR Harris had a slight reformulation in 2017, but their shaving soaps still work great (and come in cute wooden bowls if you want to spend the money. Taylor Of Old Bond Street also has their wood-fired shaving soap. Sandalwood in a wooden bowl). However, I’ll admit I keep DR Harris on this list partly out of nostalgia. The artisanal soap makers have overtaken him.

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