Best Skincare Tips in Winter

winter skincare tips

Winter skincare tips: We trust in taking good care of your belongings to be useful to you throughout your life, and your skin is no exception. The harshness of winter can be harmful, uncomfortable and downright painful for your skin. While some brilliant skin care brands are out there (our favourite is Neal’s One Mile Yard), many products are redundant and may even do more harm than good.

As difficult as it can be, resist the urge to panic and buy a closet full of lotions and potions after the first freezing wind of winter! This blend of natural moisturizers, home remedies, and helpful tips will keep your skin healthy, happy, and glowing all winter long.

1. Take more water.

When it’s cool outside, we often forget to drink enough water all day, but then low humidity is the most likely to rob our poor skin of moisture. It’s a win-win situation! Remember to drink slowly throughout the day instead of taking a sip and using a reusable bottle – our favorite is Klean Kanteens. Pampering warming winter teas like natural ginger and lemon are a wonderful way to stay hydrated during the winter – you will feel healthy, hydrated, and great at the same time.

2. Choose a cleanser carefully.

Many street cleaners contain harsh chemicals that can be harmful rather than nutritious. Ingredients like alcohol and added fragrances won’t help dry, cracked skin because they remove natural oils. Cream-based cleaners like this one from Neal’s Yard Frankincense help lock in moisture and remove dirt and makeup throughout the day.

3. Exfoliate for better skin.

It is the last thing on your attention when you have dry, itchy skin, but there are advantages to exfoliating your skin in the winter. Not only does this remove dry and dead skin cells, but it also supports regenerate new skin cells. Your skin will feel thankful to you for using natural scrubs like this deliciously scented geranium orange scrub, or check out this list of five easy-to-make homemade recipes that only use ingredients from your pantry.

4. Keep these showers short and sweet.

It’s tempting to reach the dial, turn up the heater, and take a long hot shower or bath when it’s cold outside. However, hot showers and long baths are prohibited. Water that is too hot not only dehydrates you it also removes essential oils from your body. If you get out of the shower and your skin is red and itchy, this is a sign that you have overdone it. All is not lost, however. We got you covered in the next step.

5. Use a good natural moisturizer and apply immediately after washing.

Choose your face moisturizer and body lotion carefully. We recommend oil-based products over water-based products to help retain important moisturizing oils in your skin. Apply a moisturizer or cream right after washing to lock in as much moisture as possible, and don’t forget to include your hands and feet, the most stressed parts of your body! Our favourite for your body? This lovely body butter (moisturizer) is a blend of butter and organic oils enriched with a therapeutic blend of aromatic essential oils. If you’ve recently run out of body lotion, find a jar of coconut oil in your pantry; Beauty editors swear by this versatile pantry essential!

6. Protect from the elements.

Winter is tougher on your skin than summer. Outside, we may have the lip balm to take care of dry, chapped lips, but we need more than that. The combination of low humidity and high winds can make your skin uncomfortably dry, so be sure to wrap yourself up. A scarf and gloves are essential to protect your hands and the delicate skin of your neck. We love these Ally Bee scarves and gloves made from super soft alpaca and sheep wool for minimal irritation.(Winter skincare tips)

When it comes to skin irritation, many clothing items can be uncomfortable when in direct contact with the skin in cold weather. We recommend using natural, breathable base layers, such as those offered by The White T-Shirt Company, to protect you from harsh or harsh winter fabrics that irritate your skin when worn alone. (Winter skincare tips)

7. Sunscreen is not just for summer.

We may automatically seek sunscreen during the warmer months, but sunscreen is just as important in protecting against those harmful UV rays in the winter. Be sure to cover your face, neck, and hands (if exposed) and opt for a sunscreen with at least SPF 30. When you’re on the slopes, the Skin Cancer Institute recommends changing your sunscreen every day. two hours and reapply it immediately after heavy sweating. Don’t forget the places that are easily overlooked, like the back of the neck, lips, ears and under the chin! Days.

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