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EZTV Alternative

Super Alternative of EZTV: EZTV is a trendy name when it comes to downloading TV series from the Internet for free. This torrent site has been hosting the latest TV shows and cartoons for years, and its users have had great difficulty finding their alternative. EZTV has also stepped up its level over the years by improving its user interface, adding new features, downloading new torrents, and more.

There are numerous reasons why users may not access EZTV when trying to download new content. Since this is a website, there is always a chance it could get blocked near you. It is because they continue to frequently move their servers from the old domain to a new one. The finest way to access it is by using the EZTV proxy sites.


EZTV proxy sites:

There are many EZTV proxy and mirror sites available to users on the Internet. It helps them get around the restrictions placed on them. These proxy sites are usually safe and secure to use. They use a bogus IP address instead of the user’s original IP address to unblock EZTV. Some of the best EZTV proxy sites are mentioned below: (use VPN) (use VPN) (use VPN) (use VPN) (use VPN) (use VPN) (use VPN)


Why We Might Need EZTV Mirror Pages

Despite its popularity, the EZTV torrent tracker may not always be available when you need to access it, and there are numerous reasons why this can happen. We’ll also go into the reasons later in this article. First, let’s focus on how to resolve this potential problem that you may encounter from time to time. The answer is simple, go to an EZTV mirror website. If you don’t know how to do this, we will also provide you with a list of EZTV mirrors. Read on, and you will get all the information you need.


Get quick access to EZTV with VPN services

The EZTV mirroring pages listed above should do the job and give you access to the tracker. However, if you don’t have access to the website, using a VPN is a safe way to solve this problem. Using a VPN shouldn’t just be an alternative to a mirror for EZTV. You can use both and make sure you are completely protected while browsing the Internet.

For those of our readers who don’t know what a VPN does, this software creates a virtual private network within the public network provided by your ISP. It serves as extra protection for you and makes it easier to access any websites you want.


About EZTV in general

EZTV is a torrent tracker that was first released in the year 2005. The idea behind this project was to bring high-quality multimedia content to users all over the world. Movies, TV shows, documentaries, and more are available through EZTV and the EZTV mirror pages. Obviously, due to the competition between different sites offering similar services, things have not always been easy. However, EZTV has succeeded to make a name for itself, and it is the most widely used by users who want to get all kinds of media files quickly and safely. With EZTV, you no longer need to search the Internet while downloading a movie or TV show. All you want to do is go to this site, use the search box to find the content you are looking for instantly, and then download it safely. The preconfigured categories are also good when you are not 100% sure what to look for.


Steps to access EZTV with VPN

As mentioned before, you can still use the mirror list for EZTV with a VPN to further improve your privacy. First, you want to decide which VPN service to use. With a reliable VPN, you can browse the Internet without worrying about the ISP or other third-party monitoring your activity or the details you share with various websites.

After you’ve downloaded and installed the VPN software, you need to run it and select the country you want. Such software is an good choice because not only can you access EZTV mirror sites, but you can also unblock content from other websites that are inaccessible to your country.

By using a VPN, you are essentially hiding your identity on the Internet. So while accessing a websites like EZTV, your ISP will not be able to tell that the request to access the website is from your IP address. Instead, it shows a different IP address, mainly in a different country, to ensure that no one can access your browsing history or the various personal information you share.


Top Five Best Alternative of EZTV

While it infrequently happens that you cannot access EZTV through mirrors, proxy servers, or VPN, we want to give our readers as many possibilities as possible. That is why we would like to suggest alternatives for those times when you cannot access the website no matter what you try.

1.Pirate Bay

PirateBay is a cornerstone in the history of torrent trackers as they were the first group to organize themselves and give users around the world entire operations. It was created in Sweden in 2003 and offered torrent files and magnet links to users via a peer-to-peer protocol. It has an incredible amount of data and files from all kinds of categories of movies, TV shows, documents, apps, and even sketches for 3D printable files. One of the finest features of PirateBay was the built-in search function, which was very similar to that of Google.

Top 5 Best Pirate Bay Proxies and Mirrors:


LimeTorrents is another excellent alternative for times when even the best EZTV mirrors aren’t working. They are growing worldwide, and the main difference between PirateBay is that LimeTorrents is a torrent directory. That means they don’t host and host their torrent files but instead look for those files on several other websites. Another essential feature of LimeTorrents is that they offer less clutter when compared to other sites of this type.

List of Best LimeTorrents Mirrors and Proxies:


YTS is perhaps the best alternative to any best EZTV mirror when it comes to content. It is also a torrent tracker dedicated to streaming high-quality media content. It is where you can find all the movies, TV shows, documentaries, interviews, and anything else you can come up with for the video. The layout is quite simple, and you can also check the status of torrents with a built-in feature. You can download the Full HD videos, Blu-Ray, and various other resolutions with subtitles without creating an account or anything like that.

The best YIFY proxies and mirrors:



Started in 2008, RARBG offers a solid backup option when EZTV mirror websites refuse to deliver. You can find all kinds of magnet links and torrent files and a great community that is constantly working to ensure the quality of the content is top-notch and all torrents are healthy. Although it’s blocked in multiple countries, you can easily use a VPN or proxy server to access it.

List of best RARBG mirrors and proxy:


5.Additional torrent

Often referred to as ET, Extra Torrent is a torrent index of all types of digital content that users can access and download through peer-to-peer file sharing. It gained popularity over time until it became the second-best torrent site after the famous The Pirate Bay. Therefore with a user-friendly interface and intelligently designed categories to make it easier to find content, Extra torrent provides its users with a great experience.

The best additional torrent proxies and mirrors:

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