11 2022 Winter Fashion Trends to Look For

Winter 2022 will see the introduction of some new trends and the return of some looks you may already love. In this list, you’re likely to find ideas that will be perfect for you when the weather turns nippy.


1. Bright Colors

While winter has traditionally been the season for subdued colors, that is not the case for winter fashion in 2022. Bold colors will be hot this winter, and color blocking will be trendy. Cobalt blue, canary yellow and lime green will be among the hot winter fashion 2022 colors.

2. Corset Belts

Don’t worry if you overeat at winter holiday meals because corset belts can help camouflage your stomach. They are ideal accessories when worn with sweater dresses. Corset belts also work well with mock turtlenecks, cargo pants, and work boots. Don’t forget to add some trendy women’s gold hoops to further accessorize your outfit.

3. Western Wear

A trend you will often see for men and women in winter 2022 is Western wear with a colorful twist, like a cowboy or cowgirl hat in a unique color to match your outfit. Expect to often see cowboy hats worn with bootcut jeans and a tailored button-up or button-down shirt. Guys will want to accessorize their outfits with men’s gold-plated chains before heading off for a snowy weekend in the country.

4. Cut-Out Tops

Cut-out tops will be seen in many places this winter, especially ones worn under tailored suits to create an interesting contrast. While you may often see these knit tops in black, you may also see them in other colors. A black cut-out top, ready to pair with your favorite structured blazer and dress trousers, is a look you will want in your wardrobe.

5. Pop Color Suits

In winter 2022, look for brightly colored suits for men and women. Most of these suits will be tailored to stay close to the body, but you will also see some very unusual designs. For example, you will find men’s tailored suits with colorful patterns. Another trend is long coats ending about mid-calf. Many women’s suits will incorporate sequins, rhinestones, and large gemstones.

6. Leather Outfits

Leather or pleather will be a popular fashion option for winter 2022. Men will be embracing this trend in many ways, including wearing cropped leather jackets with big shoulders. These look particularly great when worn with chunky color-blocked sweaters and finished off with gold chains for men.

You will also see men and women sporting leather pants, with patent leather options being a trendy choice. One other cold-weather trend you’ll notice on streets near you is leather trench coats.

7. Denim

The 1980s and ’90s are back in a big way during winter 2022, and an essential part of that look is wearing two or more denim pieces together. Mixing different shades of denim and wearing a long denim coat over the outfit will be a popular option. Still, you will also see denim miniskirts worn with graphic T-shirts and covered with shorter denim jackets. Don’t be surprised if you see real or faux fur added to many denim jackets.

8. Bling Bags

While women can find many types of handbags this winter, the most popular bags will all have lots of bling. Additionally, most will be made from leather. The fashion world will abandon the idea of wearing cool colors in winter, so you will see bags in many different colors. You may want to add a gold or kelly green leather option to your handbag collection for those holiday parties! Options that reflect the light will be incredibly trendy as well.

9. Low-Rise Miniskirts

Another throwback to the late 20th century that you will see during winter 2022 is low-rise miniskirts. They are often worn with cotton crop tops that tie in front, but you will also see them with deep V-neck knit tops. The most popular options will be worn under a coat that is at least as long as the skirt. Expect to see women embracing this look by pairing it with their favorite leather knee-high boots. Skinny-strap flat sandals will be another option.

10. Tracksuits

A popular option for this winter is going to be tracksuits. Shoppers will particularly be opting for those made from sustainable or renewable materials, like hemp and organic cotton. Expect to see these outfits in many bright colors, as with other winter trends. While many women will choose to wear them with their favorite sneakers, others will opt to wear them with heels. In recent years, tracksuits and matching sets have become go-to’s for many and this year is no different.

11. Tulle Outfits

Voluminous tulle outfits will be a popular option fashion option in winter 2022. This is especially true of outfits embracing a kidcore aesthetic. While this will be a popular option for a winter holiday dance, you will also see simpler outfits worn during the day. All of them will be layered, and they may incorporate other fabrics to create interesting contrasting textures. Since the weather is likely to be cold, many will wear their colored tights with these outfits and add a pop of color with brightly colored footwear. Ladies, this is the perfect place to add women’s gold bracelets!

What Will You Wear This Winter?

Look for these trends at your workplace, holiday parties, and weekend getaways in winter 2022. Why not embrace some of them for yourself, too?

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