What acne reveals about your health? | Top 6 things


You thought your acne just appeared one fine day to make you look ugly on your special day, so no! It never is. It occurs when there is a disorder or imbalance in your body system. And that never happens overnight. Your irregular eating or sleeping habits, long or short term, can lead to skin problems that you will hate. It is on unlike parts of your face can mean that a health problem causes it.


1. Acne on the forehead:

Acne on the forehead considers being quite common. But there is a certain difference when you have it on top of your forehead or the bottom of your forehead. Digestive problems largely cause acne on the top of the forehead. This problem can occur when the food you eat is indigestible or you are not getting enough water. To make sure you don’t get pimples on your upper forehead, eat plenty of fruit and avoid junk foods.

If you have acne on the lower forehead, it is a sign of excessive stress on the heart. It is serious, and in the face of this problem, recommends doing cardio exercises and eating heart-healthy foods.


2. Acne on the cheeks:

Again, your pimples or acne, which mostly develop on the cheekbones, have a different story to tell about your health.

Lung problems cause acne that develops on the top of your cheeks. It is very common among smokers. It can also be a symbol of infection, asthma, or excessive air pollution.

Acne on the lower part of the cheeks suggests gum and dental problems. Therefore, it is important to strengthen your gums by eating nutritious and healthy foods and avoiding sugary foods and drinks.


3. Acne on the jawline:

This type of acne problem mainly occurs in women. It says a lot about hormonal imbalance or genital problems at different stages of a woman’s life.

These pimples could indicate a problem with your menstrual cycle or that it was due to birth control pills or emotional stress. To avoid this, you should try to stay calm and practice meditation or yoga to relax your mind and see a doctor if there are any hormonal changes.


4. Acne on the chin:

Acne that grows on this part of your body causes by problems with your stomach, digestive system, or small intestine. It may indicate that you are not eating properly or that you are unable to digest your food.

To get rid of this problem, eat an easily digestible diet while drinking plenty of water to keep your stomach clean.


5. Acne on the eyebrows, around the eyes, or on the bridge of the nose:

This acne is quite irritating when it occurs around the eyes and is often painful too. It shows that there is a problem with your liver means your liver needs a detox. It is vital to have a clean liver, so avoid fatty foods and prefer light food in such cases.

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6. Acne on the ears:

Acne on the ears is usually rare, but it’s a large, painful pimple that takes a long time to go away when it does. It could indicate a problem with the kidneys.

It is, therefore, significant to drink enough water and respond to nature’s call in good time. Apart from that, and recommends avoiding alcohol and caffeine. You should also give attention to the mineral magnesium, as its deficiency can also trigger this problem.

We hope this article is valuable to you and that you now know what corrective actions need to take to combat the problems in different areas of your face.

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