Top 6 Mexican Clothing Brands You Must Have In Your Wardrobe

Top 6 Mexican Clothing Brands You Must Have In Your Wardrobe

On the fashion blog page, we always look for the best fashion talent from all corners of the world. On this occasion, we define the 6 Mexican clothing brands that every fashion blog reader should know. For more on the topic, check out the Best Japanese Clothing Brands and Indian Fashion Brands You Should Know.

With Mexico City loved for its architecture, world-class museums, world-class cuisine, and thriving contemporary art scene, it was only a matter of time before Mexican fashion followed suit. Luckily, a new generation of Mexican designers is doing their part to make Mexico City the most excellent and culturally relevant destination in Latin America.

What makes Mexican fashion so extraordinary is the effortless marriage of old and new. At the same time, the American style is primarily partial to pop culture (music, films, art). Mexican clothing brands take inspiration from an eclectic mix of colors of Mexico City’s street style and combine it with centuries-old traditions still influenced by politics and business.

Mexican designers use their designs to perpetuate the unique culture that transformed their society and spark political conversations.

Below we discover new talents pushing the culture and transforming Mexican culture into a modern style. We’ve mapped six top Mexican clothing brands you should know about in 2023.

Here are 6 Mexican clothing brands to add to your wardrobe.

Hermanos Koumori

Inspired by the bustle of the colorful metropolis of Mexico City, Hermanos Kuromori’s clothing is soaking in architecture, music, and art.  The Mexico City-based clothing brand founders Alejandro Sandler and Alex Leon took simple, minimalist silhouettes and combined them with a contemporary approach, adding bold graphics and logos.

While providing quality clothing is paramount to the brand, Sandler and Leon’s mission is to introduce Mexican streetwear brands to the rest of the world by telling stories inspired by their country of origin. It appears in capsules from the brand’s previous collaborations with New Era and Urban Outfitters.

The Pack

On the luxury side, The Pack began as a project aiming to create clothing using ethical practices and sustainable materials. The unisex designer brand was founded in Mexico City in 2016 by Patricio Campillo, the brand’s current creative director.

Intent on subtly incorporating cultural references into his clothing. Campillo’s most recent collections have become more and more inspired by historical events in Mexico. The Mexico City brand’s Fall 2022 collection was partially by the charrería, a centuries-old Mexican equestrian competition. A highly nuanced mix of elements from traditional Charro clothing, the designer’s line of products includes tailored tops, trousers, accessories, and garments.


NAMEK leather goods, rugs, and jewelry are handmade in Mexico. NAMENK is one of the Mexican clothing brands most committed to artisanal techniques. Its founder, Ricardo Campa, tried to reconcile traditional Mexican craftsmanship by mixing it with contemporary fashion trends. Characterized by intricate floral designs, these items scream “quality”. T-shirts and work shirts also have stylish leather details.

Graziano and Gutierrez

Graziano and Gutierrez embody ethical fashion. Inspired by Mexican-American workwear, the clothing brand uses natural resources from their homeland. Sources all fabrics from rural Chiapas and Oaxaca, Mexico. Additionally, everything is individually handcrafted in their Portland, Oregon studio.

Each item is made from organic cotton that has been naturally dyed, including sturdy jackets, boxy shirts, and light pants. Comes straight from the treadle loom of a family business in Teotitlán del Valle, Oaxaca. With unique crafts and designs, with nods to traditional Mexican culture.  The brand aims to educate users and be transparent about its production process and sustainable fashion.


A lot of (c) arne is about combining functionality and comfort without sacrificing style. Founded in Mexico City in 2020 by Nathan Finkelstein, the most outdoors-focused clothing brand is inspired by oneness with nature, with subtle nods to psychedelics and spiritual journeys.

Gorp-Core designs are meticulous throughout the brand’s Mexico City design studio, with careful attention to technical details optimized for movement and every lifestyle. Suitable for mountain or city trails, each item is the future for Mexico City’s changing weather conditions, with a choice of rain-or-shine work jackets and breathable nylon trucker hats.


PAY’S takes the old and new mentality of Mexico City and gives it peyote. Genderless Technicolor clothing designs combine Aztec patterns and knotted prints with a touch of Milhouse Van Houten to create something easy to love. These colourful designs will take you from Coachella to Mexico Fashion Week and back again.

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