10 Mental Health Tattoos And Their Meaning

10 Mental Health Tattoos And Their Meaning

People are becoming more and more candid about their struggles with mental illness. Together, we’re fostering a culture where individuals can openly discuss their anxiety, despair, traumatic experiences, and grief with the confidence that others will embrace them.

Positive messages can be conveyed through mental health tattoos, regardless of whether you are presently on a mental health voyage or have someone in your lifecycle which has dealt with mental health issues.

Let’s examine fifteen tattoos that promote mental health and discover the inspiring messages they convey.

1. A butterfly tattoo to find the bright

You may know butterflies for their detailed wing plans, but have you ever seen a moth near a lightbulb? These floating creatures cannot receive enough light. They get as close to a light source at every opportunity.

Consider getting a month if you’re watching for inspiration for your next spiritual tattoo. These creatures represent a passionate devotion to positivity and light in the world.

2. Fingers crossed

Have you ever waited for good news? Your contact may have told you to keep your fingers tattooed in anticipation. A crossed fingers symbol tattoo is a great way to represent hope.

3. A Flower Emerging From Soil

Flowers are strange. They begin as seeds buried in the ground, break, and start to sprout roots that no one can see. They eventually begin to emerge from the ground and display their stunning designs.

A fantastic tattoo design for mental health depicts a flower emerging from the ground. Even when no one is looking, this tattoo can show what it looks like to work on oneself.

4. This Too Shall Pass

Some people experience mental health issues that permanently change their life. It can be tempting to concede defeat when problems last long. The phrase “this too shall pass” is one tattoo that might show resiliency. It serves as a reminder that everything eventually passes, allowing you to accept the difficulties you are currently facing in the knowledge that they won’t last forever.

5. A Mountain Range to Symbolize Your Courage

Have you ever made the ascent of a mountain via hiking? When you reach the peak of this challenging workout, you can feel both satisfied and worn out. Consider getting a tattoo of a colourful mountain or mountain range if you’ve gone through trying times or seasons.

6. Select joy

Every person’s road toward mental wellness is distinct at this point. Some people require the experience of strong emotions like grief, despair, and fury. Others, however, might be in a healing stage where it is advantageous for them to start making joyful decisions. It’s not always advisable to put on a cheerful face immediately away while dealing with difficult situations.

Consider getting this inked on your body if you could use a permanent reminder to choose joy.

7. No Flowers, No Rain

The floral metaphors will soon be over, we promise. We are aware that not all trials are successful. A silver lining is not necessary for all experiences. However, some do. Consider having this phrase in a small font adjacent to a floral pattern tattooed on your body to remind you how a challenging event contributed to your growth and beauty.

8. Continue forward

Maybe you went through a breakup that left you feeling lost and confused. Perhaps you can no longer fulfil a dream you have always wanted. Even if it’s difficult, you can have new goals. You might be brief to believe in taking the next step, even when it’s difficult, by getting the phrase “keep moving forward” tattooed on your body.

9.  Kintsukgi

Do you know what Kintsugi is? It’s a Japanese art that combines disparate parts to create something more exquisite. Using this technique, you would insert gold into the crevices of cracked vases or bowls. Thanks to the fresh filling, the piece is worth more after repair.

If you’re seeking a tattoo that will meaningfully express your experience with mental health, think about something related to Kintsugi. You could request that a tattoo artist fills in a particular area of your body with gold ink to represent that you are a broken vessel. It’s a unique tattoo that will undoubtedly spark exciting discussions.

10. semicolon

What is a semicolon? In recent years, the semicolon has become a popular tattoo option for those with mental health issues. Grammatically, this punctuation lets the reader know that a sentence could have ended, but it didn’t. This piece can remind you that you will always be up to the task, even when it’s easier to give up.


Tattoos can be a brilliant wish to commemorate an idea or a feeling. When it comes to mental health, talking openly about your personal story with others can go a long way. Sharing your story with others through mental health tattoos is one way to help the world recognize the importance of mental health.

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