Do Men Follow Harajuku Goth Fashion?

Do Men Follow Harajuku Goth Fashion?

If you’re wondering if men follow goth clothing, the short answer is yes. There is no doubt that some men prefer to wear extravagant black clothes. Gothic fashion may scare some, but many never stop admiring this trend that has only grown since the Middle Ages. This type of style is not only sad but also intriguing. This fascination was one of the reasons why fashion designers worked in this style. There are several successful works by fashion designers who played with different elements of gothic fashion and created perfect gothic dresses. Do men follow goth fashion?

History of Gothic Fashion:

Before we delve into the main features of Gothic men’s clothing, let’s dive into the history of Gothic fashion. This punk style faded after the Middle Ages but resurfaced with a rebellious vibe. By wearing black clothes, Goths symbolize the sorrow of a painful life and the search for secrets in the afterlife. Some essential elements found in all Gothic styles are eyelashes, leather collars, and spikes. The Gothic movement, with all these characteristics, spread to different subcultures where people played with the fashion of dressing according to their interests. But one thing that is common to all goth fashion is aristocracy, artistry, and attitude. Below are the specific features available in gothic clothing for men.

Features of Harajuku goth clothing men:

You should already know that gothic clothing for men favors the black color, which remains basic through different fabrics. This color can then be more excellent with red and various shades. People love gothic menswear with dark red tones like cherry, brown, and wine because it gives you a radically different appeal. Then there are certain materials that gothic menswear is complete of, where lace, velvet, silk, and leather are all familiar. Many who do not prefer leather replace it with organza and vinyl. You must be aware that women’s goth fashion inspires men’s goth clothing, so you will find that the outfits are pretty similar to women’s. You’ll discover skin-tight leather pants, shapeless hoodies, black shirts, and hats.

Jewellery with goth clothing men:

Gothic clothes for men go well with different accessories such as white metal, usually silver. People also wear white gold. Silver is a symbol of the cold moon so you will find a good amount of this color in various dresses. Gothic clothing for men is also associated with leather jewelry, such as necklaces, necklaces, and bracelets. No matter men’s gothic clothing style, people always like to have skulls, bats, and crosses. This fashion style does not stop there but also extends to makeup. If you think women only do goth makeup, you are wrong because men swear by it too. The eyes are highlighted in black to distinguish the face from the looks.

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