9 Ways to Style Loafers for a Fashion-Forward Look

Loafers have been a mainstay of American footwear fashion for nearly a century. Modern loafers first came out in the 1930s. Early pairs, called “Weejuns,” reflected a slip-on shoe style popular in Norway. The penny loafer, with a strap across the instep that could hold a one-cent coin, arrived hot on their heels.

This season’s loafers can be sleek, stylish, chunky, or comfy and still be on-trend. Because of their versatility, you can wear them almost anywhere with just about any ensemble. Here are some great ideas about how to style loafers for all sorts of occasions.

1. At the Office

Dress for success at the office with cute jackets, solid-color pants, and sleek leather loafers. You’ll take the dress code up a notch without even trying. Stay comfortable throughout the day with on-trend yet easy-wear shoes. Loafers have sensible kitten heels that keep your office style on the up and up, and they’re a pleasure to walk around in too. You can even slip them off beneath your desk when no one’s looking.

2. On Game Day

Cultivate a sporty style when you suit up for a tailgate picnic on game day. You may wonder how to style loafers with your favorite jeans or jogging suit, but it’s easier and more fun than you think. Slip on a pair of open-backed loafers for a fashion-forward contrast to your joggers, leggings, or jeans.

Swap your sneakers for patent leather loafers with tassels or chain accents. By drawing attention to your footwear choice, you affirm that, yes, it is a fashion statement rather than a faux pas. Wear your loafers sans socks with your leggings for a casual, sporty effect. With denim, try lug sole loafers that add the finishing touch to straight-leg and bootcut jeans.

3. For the Holidays

Dressing up for holiday parties is a fun tradition, but who knows how to style loafers with trendy dresses and skirts? Try coordinating a sparkly mini with shiny patent leather loafers and tights. Grab a pair of lug-soled loafers and textured or patterned tights for an edgier effect.

Elegant slip-on with lighter soles and decorative accents like tassels or chains dress up just about any ensemble. Alternatively, wear plain loafers in the same color as your dress so it will look as if you’re floating as you swirl and sashay around the dance floor.

4. On Date Night

Let’s say you and your significant other are having a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant. Are you wondering if loafers will work with your new cocktail dress? Try pared-down loafer slides that make you feel feminine. You’ll be stylish and slightly daring when you wear them with sheer hose. It’s a great vibe for your evening out.

If date night is pizza and a pitcher, choose a classic pairing like a white button-down shirt, your favorite leggings, and penny loafers. Go retro with leather or avant-garde with loafers in a fun fabric print. Add a wool blazer if there’s a chill in the air.

5. For a Fancy Fundraiser

Designer loafers pair perfectly with flowing pants and formalwear. Try stacked heel loafer slides that pay homage to the occasion without pinching your toes. Create a more iconic formal look when you match your evening gown with glammed-up slip-ons that match your gold or silver jewelry.

6. For Coffee with Friends

Because loafers are a mainstay year after year for the fashion-conscious, you probably need more than one pair. The shoes you wear for coffee with friends should reflect the occasion – comfortable and fashion-conscious yet carefree. Buttery soft leather loafers with a hint of the heel are ideal for your get-together.

The great thing is that your go-to loafer’s play nicely with whatever is in your closet. Shorts and a yoga top? Yes. Loose-fitting ankle-length jeans? By all means. You can bring your spin with your choice of accessories, socks or no socks, and your signature color palette.

7. Movie Night In

When you want to kick off your shoes and curl up on the couch with your favorite flick, don’t forget the loafers. Suede slipper loafers with shearling lining will keep your feet just as cozy as the rest of you. Neutral suede or pleather slippers punctuate patterned pajama pants just right. On the other hand, consider a pair of plaid slip-ons to go with your favorite solid-color leggings during your downtime. Loafer-style slippers ensconce your feet in soothing warmth and comfort.

8. Everyday Chic

Loafers are natural for everyday wear when heading to class, the store, or the gym. They’re a cut above sneakers because they provide a more tailored finish to whatever you’re wearing. They trump ballet flats with a bit more structure and added height. They certainly beat out boots or lace-up shoes when you’re in a hurry. Most importantly, they are currently a hot fashion trend that is almost effortless daily.

9. For a Walk Around the Town

Simplify a Saturday ramble with a sturdy pair of loafer’s that won’t let you down. Lug-soled loafers have grippy abilities equal to most types of terrain, from cement sidewalks to shady gravel pathways. Whether you’re enjoying a weekend in the country or an afternoon in the neighborhood park, your loafers will keep you safe from slipping up.

Just for Fun

How many ways can you wear your loafers? The sky is the limit. Sometimes, you don’t even need to think about it. Loafer’s in themselves exude timeless style. They’re so comfortable that you may not remember you have them on, but they’re so fashionable that others will definitely take notice.

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