Laura Giaritta Net Worth Will Blow Your Mind

Lauraa Giaritta

Laura Giaritta was born on 1970 October 18 in the United States of America. His father’s name is Thomas Giaritta, and his mother’s name is Elaine Giaritta. She has Renee Giaritta as her older sister.

She is currently a 49-year-old female. Her’s nationality is American, and she belongs to the white ethnic group. Likewise, your horoscope is Taurus. Regarding her academic performance, it has been confirmed that Laura is currently studying at Full Sail University for her science degree.

Career and professional life

Laura Giaritta is an American entrepreneur who runs an Extreme sports business. She doesn’t realize that she has another job, and she has made a lot of money through the sports business. Her ex-husband is a former rapper who started working as an artist instead of a television series. Laura Giaritta became famous through her marriage and the subsequent divorce from the famous rapper Vanilla Ice.

In 2001, Laura Giaritta filed a complaint of domestic violence against her husband, and after all the sessions, the judge ruled that the couple should undergo therapy. Physical violence was repeated in 2004 and 2008, and Laura again withdrew the charges.

Laura and Vanille’s two daughters appear to be struck by their parents’ increasingly strained relationship. But soon, they will put their lives on the right track too. Their eldest daughter, Dustin Rain, received a Masters degree from Full Sail University and is now doing well in her entertainment business. The youngest daughter has also turned 18 and seems to be enjoying her life.

Net Worth of Laura Giaritta

Laura owns a sports store in Florida and takes an exceptional sum from her. She has a net value of around USD 10,000 million. She founded an extreme sports showroom and named it “2 The Extreme” on Vanilla’s albums. Her ex-husband Vanilla in 2019 is said to have a net worth of around $ 10 million, according to his net notoriety.

Laura lives in Versailles, a few kilometres south of Wellington, in her former wedding house. In 2005, Vanilla paid $ 716,000 for this house. Vanilla was very helpful in her early days in building her business which now appears to be a huge source of revenue for her. Plus, she even gets the monthly spouse’s allowance of $ 10,000, plus $ 110,000 after the divorce.

She owns two sports shops and earns a lot of money from this business. Their total money from this deal is estimated and would be around $ 10,000 million. She has a well-established business. She earns a lot of money with her shop every year.

Relationship status

Speaking of married life, Laura is currently single. But she had a long love affair with her ex-husband Vanilla Ice. On July 4, 1994, at a party after Vanilla Ice’s death, Laura Giaritta and Vanilla Ice met and tried to sell themselves again and create a new identity with the funk-influenced rap sound.

Vanilla was living in despair and despair because of his girlfriend when he met Laura. He was so disappointed and discouraged that he started overdosing on drugs to kill himself, but his suicide attempt failed, and he survived. The lovebirds began dating for a year. On 1997 March 30, Giaritta married Vanilla Ice at a wedding ceremony at her mansion on Star Island, Miami Beach.

In 1998 the couple gave birth to their first child Dusti Rain Van Winkle, and in 2000 to their second daughter KeeLee Breeze Van Winkle. Their friendship began to cool years after their marriage. But it didn’t work out, and they finally separated in 2011. They celebrated their 20th anniversary.

Body Measurements

Laura Giaritta is a beautiful and fashionable woman. From the photo she posted on social media, she has average measurements. She is dressed in different ways depending on her body and size. Laura has light brown eyes, silky dark blonde hair, and appears to have a black favourite.


She attended a local high school for preschool education in her hometown. After enrolling, she entered college and earned a science degree from Full Sail University. There is no other information about their school career.

Personal life

Laura is currently a divorced woman. But in the past, she was the spouse of famous American rapper Robert Mathew. They were met at the party. When she met Vanilla, he suffered from significant depression since his break-up and took doses of medication to kill himself.

But Laura came into his life as a blessing. They dated for a year after they tied the knot on March 30, 1997, a year after their relationship.

A year later, their first son, Dusty Rain Van, was born in 1998, and their second child, Kee Lee Breeze Van, was born in 2000. But their relationship subsequently cooled, and they separated in 2011.

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