Ideas for White Blonde Hair Color That Glow in Any Light

Ideas for White Blonde Hair Color That Glow in Any Light

Fun fact: It’s a widespread misunderstanding that “white blonde” and “platinum” are the same. (Obviously, this is probably common knowledge to seasoned stylists and colourists—but even as beauty journalists, we had to ask specialists Jaz Espaa and Lorena M. Valdes for the answer. There is little public information about how the two to vary.) The distinction, according to Espaa, is that platinum blonde frequently exhibits warm tones. “White blonde, however, has significantly fewer warmth-related characteristics, reflecting cooler tones and frosty hues.”

With that out of the way, it’s safe to say we’ll be using the word “white blonde” more frequently—and you might be, especially once you see the inspiration below. But keep in mind: A colour like this needs upkeep once you get out of the salon chair, so read on before calling your colourist.


Picking a Shade: The lightest and brightest shade of blonde is full-on white. Although it can make a statement, it can also be frightening. If you have naturally blonde Hair and wish to soften this colour, think about adding warm and neutral tones or a few icy highlights.

High level of maintenance. Valdes claims, “Touch-ups would be spaced 4–7 weeks apart if the colour was applied as a bleach and tone to minimise banding or additional harm. Touch-ups would begin around 8–12 weeks if the colour were applied with highlights or balayage to create natural white blonde Hair.”

Ideally Matches: “Hair is an adornment like everything else. Modifications in jewellery, foundation, blush, make-up and the colour of your clothing will assist in adapting the look, and these changes will also help it compliment you better, “Valdes informs us.

Silver-blonde, mushroom blonde, and platinum blonde are similar hues.

Price: According to Valdes, a beginning cost of “a few hundred dollars” excludes time and maintenance care.

Here are our top 10 suggestions for rocking the white-blonde hair trend.

1.Differing Roots


One of the most popular hairstyles is having contrasting roots; if you find it challenging to schedule touch-up sessions, the style can last a little longer. Smooth, blunt end complete Kim Kardashian’s brilliant-white colour for an excellent final product. We agree.

2.Closing Crop


You can be lightened by more than two shades, depending on the colour of your natural Hair. Double processing is the most effective approach to getting the desired look. Of course, you should let the professionals handle the colouring, but a stylish, manageable pixie-like Saweetie will simplify daily styling.

3.Tufted Perfection

As seen here on Vanessa Hudgens, we adore the look of white blonde Hair against a deeper skin tone. Moreover, what if you’re concerned about having matched eyebrows? Don’t. In general, leaving your brows natural is advised. However, brow specialist Joey Healy says you might need to lighten them by one or two shades (even dyeing your brows lighter is a visual adjustment that can take some getting used to).

4.Straight and Sleek

You might as well flaunt your frosty blonde Hair like Sasha Luss if you’re looking for an all-over look. Nothing goes better with a striking new colour than a sleek, straight look. (Make sure your toolset includes an excellent hair straightener.)

5.Mixture Curls

Feeling uneasy about going full-on white blonde? Try an ombré style that is pure, ice perfection on the ends and a little bit darker and ashier at the top to ease into the trend. Jasmine Sanders’ naturally curly Hair looks gorgeous with this mixture, and as a bonus, the shade variety is excellent for hiding roots in-between colour visits.

6.Bright-White Waves

White blonde Hair can seem harsh, but you can soften it every day by using a proper beach-wave technique like Dove Cameron. And keep in mind the process continues even after you get up from the chair at the salon. It’s crucial to use the proper shampoo and conditioner on your freshly coloured Hair.

7.Expensive Blonde

When she decided to go with this “expensive blonde,” Eiza González stunned us. But Valdes advises that you should be aware of a few belongings first before rushing over to your colorist to copy her hair transformation: “You have a better chance of getting this colour if you are naturally blonde or light brown, yet it is not guaranteed. Additionally, maintaining medium to dark brown Hair is much more difficult and may not be attainable.”

8.Dark Roots

Making a significant colour change is a sign that you’re putting your Hair under a lot of stress, but it doesn’t imply the result will be fried, damaged Hair. Even though achieving white blonde Hair like Mary J. Blige’s can need numerous sessions with a colourist (including bleaching and toning), it’s conceivable for the result to be so subtle that you wouldn’t be able to know.

9.Retro sounds

No, you’re not the only one who feels like Marilyn Monroe in this situation. What’s not to adore about Rita Ora’s curled, white-blonde bob, which will have you serving 1950s movie star realness?

10.Piecey Lob

Depending on your original tone and texture, your colourist can employ a few methods to achieve the perfect white-blonde colour for you. The Air Touch method, which uses tension and a blow dryer to disperse the dye uniformly, can be used to replicate Katy Perry’s haphazard look. Nice, no?

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