Some hairstyles, such as sleek and straight, are constantly fashionable. Ponytails, piggy tails, sleek buns, and freestyles are constantly popular. It has beauty, and some black women utilize products to attain it because their hair is generally kinky.

Hair straighteners, such as flat irons and hot combs, use heat to straighten kinky hair, and too much heat can cause internal hair damage.

Hair straighteners smooth wavy, or curly hair by decreasing hydrogen bonds.

Furthermore, hair straightening products such as relaxers harm women’s health.

Some African-American women use hair-straightening treatments daily to achieve the desired look. However, evidence suggests that certain products may be safer. What are the dangers of hair straighteners?

Endocrine disruptors are found in hair straighteners.

According to a new study, women who use hair straighteners are exposed to a deadly cocktail of hormone-disrupting chemicals. A recent analysis of various hair straightening treatments revealed that each hair product had at least four substances, some containing up to 30. More than half of the substances were banned by the European Union. Furthermore, some of these substances have been classified as hazardous by California.

Children should not use hair straighteners.

Children’s exposure to chemical hair straighteners has been linked to asthma and early puberty in African American children. Some hair relaxers include formaldehyde, which has been linked to asthma attacks. There have been reports of these happening to children. Furthermore, as previously noted, these chemicals affect the body’s hormone production and are related to reproductive issues, congenital abnormalities, asthma, and cancer.

Hair straighteners are linked to breast cancer in women.

According to the findings of the Sister Study, published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute on October 17, 2022, hair straighteners increase the risk of cancer and induce uterine cancer. It has been discovered that black women are more susceptible to this cancer than white women. This is because such products are frequently sold to and purchased by them.

Chemical hair straightening products are typically used to style wavy or curly hair by breaking down the structure of the hair. They are frequently used repeatedly to maintain the effect, which has since been linked to an increased risk of ovarian, uterine, and uterine fibroids, which may necessitate a hysterectomy.

Using hair straighteners, in particular, has lately been linked to an increased risk of uterine cancer. This is a relatively prevalent occurrence among black women.

Cases in the law

Several uterine cancer class action lawsuits have been filed against manufacturers of such products, among others. These products are manufactured even though they are detrimental to human health. Consumers are pushed to buy these products while being aware of the risks. Because of these factors, launching a lawsuit against such companies is viable, as is receiving compensation. Consumers should know the risks of utilizing these goods before making such purchases.


Hair straighteners are unsafe to use because they have been linked to cancer and other illnesses. If you are a frequent user, you should obtain some tests to see if you are safe. You are not alone as a victim of such knowledge. Several women have been victims, and their solicitors are contesting their claims. Compensation is possible, and you do not have to bear the financial burden; contact a lawyer today to see what can be done.

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