Seven Tips To Say Goodbye To Headaches

Seven Tips To Say Goodbye To Headaches

Tips To Say Goodbye To Headaches. Combining some simple habits and taking the proper medication are some of the keys so that this ailment does not affect our daily life. Read these tips and avoid the wrong moment.

Often the mere thought that we might have a headache makes us sick. And not for nothing, considering that three-quarters of the world’s population suffered from this type of disease in the last year and that, according to figures from the World Health Organization (WHO), more women are affected than men.

Headaches can previous anywhere from 30 minutes to seven days. Therefore, to prevent the pain from spreading to the elderly, it is better to suspect that we will suffer one of these episodes and act immediately. So that we don’t have a wrong time because of this, Laboratorio Chile’s medical director, Virginia Socías, and Kitadol’s brand manager, Patricia Hernández, offer us some advice:

Eat Well

Scientific research has shown that ingesting certain foods inflames or deflates certain areas of the head. It is recommended not to abuse chocolate or fermented cheeses, cold cuts and cold cuts, and to say yes to the consumption of fresh meat and fish, soups, vegetables, fruits, fresh milk, legumes, and starchy foods. Indeed, as Dr. Virginia Socías explains, foods low in tyramine can prevent the onset of migraines. And be careful; it is also important not to skip meals during the day.

Potable Water

A mutual cause of headaches is dehydration, so drinking water as soon as symptoms can help relieve them. Ideally, keep taking small sips throughout the day and avoid coffee, alcohol, and sodas.

Quiet Places To Rest

It is best to choose a quiet place, without noise or darkness, that invites you to rest and relax. “The best thing to do is lie down, close your eyes, and focus on breathing, always in a comfortable position that doesn’t strain your neck,” advises Dr. Socías, adding that the ambient temperature is also a factor to consider. If you are cold, dress warmly, and if you overheat easily, organize the room so that the temperature does not rise.

Correct Use Of Medication

Seven Tips To Say Goodbye To Headaches
Seven Tips To Say Goodbye To Headaches

Acetaminophen is one of the best headache remedies, so it’s always a good idea to take some with you or leave some on your bedside table – Dr. than other painkillers. He also emphasizes the need never to exceed the recommended dose.

Relaxing Massages

The massage is relaxing and can also help with headaches. To be effective, start with the scalp first, then work your way down to the nape of the neck and finish with the earlobes. In each area, squeeze and move the fingers of your hand in a circular motion. That gradually improves circulation and reduces tension.

Use Cold Compresses

That is a handy homemade recipe. Placing a cold washcloth on your forehead can help constrict blood vessels, especially if the problem is in your temples or sinuses. If it gets hot, moisten it and put it back where you feel pain.

Go Outside

It is likely that when we have a headache, we do not want to do anything, but changing surroundings, going out, and getting some fresh air can become great allies when one of these episodes begins. A short walk will help renew the air entering your body and clear your mind.


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