8-Methods To Get Beautiful Pink Lips Naturally At Home

8-Methods To Get Beautiful Pink Lips Naturally At Home

Get Beautiful Pink Lips Naturally. Have you noticed that your lips are usually the first to be affected by the weather? Pollution and dehydration lead to dry, cracked and pigmented lips.

If you have ever wondered why this happens, here is your answer: The skin on the lips is the thinnest and most delicate.

Yes, you read it right. The part of your face that we forget needs attention and care. It would help to incorporate lip care into your daily skincare routine.

Even if your lips have turned dark and dull over time, don’t worry! It is possible to undo the damage and get those healthy pink lips. All you have to do is take 15 minutes every day to take care of your lips. Let us begin.

1.Apply a honey and sugar scrub to your lips.

The accumulation of dead cells is one of the leading causes of darkened lips. Natural lip washes effectively remove dead skin cells, revealing soft, supple lips.


Add a tablespoon of honey to a brown or white sugar tablespoon. The scrub is thru by combining the ingredients.

Whenever and how to use:

For a minute, gently massage the scrub into your lips. For best results, use this scrub two to three times each week.

2. Milk and rose petals.

Your lips are naturally nourished, softened, and illuminated by rose petals. They function as a lovely anti-discolouration cure and restore dark and stained lips when combined with milk.

The preparation

5 to 6 rose petals should be water-logged overnight in a cup of milk. Remove the flower petals from the milk in the morning, then crush them. After applying this paste to your lips, could you wait 15 minutes before removing it? If the paste is too thick to apply to the lips, add a few drops of milk.

How to apply and when –

You can use this cure regularly because rose petals are soft on the lips. If you want to see noticeable changes, give it an overnight treatment.

3. Apply milk and turmeric to your lips

A practical Ayurvedic component for treating issues of pigmentation is turmeric. However, its applications go beyond skin-lightening. Milk and turmeric are frequently diverse, with healing black lips.

What is the –

To make a paste, combine half a teaspoon of turmeric and a teaspoon of milk. Lips should be covered in this combination for everywhere five minutes. Gently rub the paste in when it has dried. After washing them with warm water, moisturise your lips with lip balm.

How to apply and when –

To notice a noticeable change, repeat this procedure every other day. Anytime during the day is appropriate to apply it to your lips.

  1. Apply beetroot juice to your lips

If you’ve ever had beetroot, you’ve probably noticed how your tongue and teeth turn pink. Natural red pigments in beetroot contribute to the rosy appearance of your lips.

Directions –

Beets can be helpful to the lips in a variety of ways. Sliced beets used on your lips in this manner are the simplest. Alternatively, you can extract the juice from beets and combine it with honey as a lip balm.

How to apply and when –

Since honey and beetroot are natural ingredients, you can apply the mixture to your lips and let it sit there all night.

5. Apply ghee to your navel

While most pink lip cures emphasise lip hydration, if you have dry, dark lips, this method will help. Although it may appear to have nothing to do with lips, it repairs lips from the inside.

How to apply and when –

Every night before bed, massage warm ghee into your navel.

6. Rub your lips with lemon and sugar

Applying sugar and lemon to your lips will help you achieve naturally pink lips if they are not chapped.


Slice a lemon, then sprinkle on some sugar. Spend two to three minutes massaging your lips with the lemon slice.

How to use it and when –

Every three days, you can use this lip treatment again.

7. Rub lemon juice and mint leave on your lips.

Mint leaves are perfect for reviving dull, dry lips. They hydrate lips to restore the natural rosy tint we all desire.

How to make:

Crush 5-6 mint leaves and squeeze half a lemon over them. Add a few drops of honey to facilitate the application of the mixture on the lips.

8. Apply milk and pomegranate seeds to your lips.

One of the healthiest foods you can eat is pomegranate. However, did you know that pomegranates can also aid in the development of gorgeous pink lips? Here is a straightforward cure you may use.


Grind roughly a cup’s worth of pomegranate seeds. To make a paste, add milk to this.

How to apply and why –

Put this paste on your lips and let it sit for ten to fifteen minutes. After drying, rinse with lukewarm water. Every day, you can apply this all-natural lip treatment again. You will see effects even if you use it two or three times every week.

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