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creative content writing

Ideally, if you are looking to develop a professional writing career (creative content writing), you should write in two different formats. The first one is creative writing, which includes short stories, short stories, novels,  poems, biographies, screenplays, and plays that audiences consume for entertainment and enrichment. The second format is known as content creation. It typically involves writing prompts that focus on technical and business goals, such as providing instructions or collecting pageviews from the Internet.

Treat writing as you would any other skill. If you want to improve your writing skills online, all it takes is a little knowledge, patience, and practice.

Do you own a website? Excellent writing skills are essential skills to increase traffic in the middle of a sea of ​​websites. Take a look at these tips to improve your writing skills online!

Seven elements of creative writing

Here are some of the elements of creative writing that transcend various mediums:

  1. 1.Creative writing enables artistic freedom. Creative writing can be fiction, non-fiction, or text.
  2. 2.Creative writing can entertain. Creative writing is often used for entertainment purposes, such as in fiction or creative fact writing.
  3. 3.Creative writing has the potential to inform. Creative writing can be informative, such as biographies and memoirs.
  4. 4.Creative writing can build on previous creative work. Creative writing allows you to adapt or reuse the last creative writing most evident in movies or comics.
  5. 5.Creative writing can contain different points of view. Creative writing uses various narrative voices, from the first person to the second person to the omniscient third person.
  6. 6.Creative writing is an art form. Creative writing is often judged on a combination of language skills, storytelling, character development, and literary means (such as metaphors, idioms, and premonitions) and the construction of the world.
  7. 7.Creative writing can explore deep topics. Creative writing often has a strong underlying theme, either explicitly stated (in non-fiction) or through a main character’s exams (in novels).

Best Tips for Creative Content Writing

1. Read more

Reading is the basic requirement for writing. The more and more you read, the best you write. As you read on, you will appreciate good writing. Read a wide variety of texts, from short articles to longer in-depth articles. And read fiction, non-fiction, and personal memories. Read at least a article a day.

Read classic writers like Ernest Hemingway, famous for his short prose. Find writers you love and find out why you love reading their work.

2. Master the basics

You need to understand the basics of writing, or your big ideas will be lost or misunderstood. Misspelled sentence fragments and missing words distract the reader. You don’t want readers to leave your article because they don’t understand the basics of writing well.

Learn your keyboard inside out so you can insert accents, subscripts, and superscripts. Please find out more about it here: It will add shine to your work.

Select a dictionary and a thesaurus in your browser. If you have any questions, use free writing and grammar resources like the Purdue Online Writing Lab.

3. Practice, practice, practice

As with every thing in life, practice is the best way to improve your writing. Write every day, even if it’s just a journal entry. The daily writing practice will help you refine your writing style and voice and make your writing easier.

Find out what time of day is best for you and make the most of it. If you’re a morning person, get into the habit of writing for an hour in the morning. Make it a distraction-free moment and register for at least an hour before you stop.

Daily writing also helps you overcome your fear of the blank page or the computer screen. I don’t care so much about what you say with this type of writing but how you say it. Strive for complete sentences with correct grammar and spelling.

You can also take a class or writing workshop for more practice and feedback from other writers. Find a content marketing meetup or professional development group on LinkedIn or Meetup. Write an article and ask for the group’s comments.

Find someone who will also want to improve their writing and team up. Write short articles for one another, then review each other’s work. It is also your responsible partner who makes sure that you write consistently.

4. Be brief and kind

It doesn’t mean that your articles have to be short, but the writing itself. It is especially true if you are looking for freelance writing jobs online. Readers like short sentences & short paragraphs.

Online readers often scan more than they read. You’re looking for short, clear headlines and subtitles. Keep the sentences concise and clear.

Keep paragraphs short too. When readers scan articles online, they don’t want to see a large wall of text. Try to border your paragraphs to three sentences or less.

5. Read your article aloud

Before clicking “Publish” on an article, read it aloud first. It might sound silly, but it will improve your writing.

Reading aloud helps you spot mistakes that you missed reading aloud. It also helps identify awkward phrases or words. Are you tripping over your sentences? It’s a sign that you have to rewrite it.

Another benefit of reading aloud is that each word has a specific purpose. It is easier to identify unnecessary words when you read aloud.

6. Keep it active

Avoid using the passive voice. Active voice makes your writing less vague and very easier to read. The passive voice is also more challenging to understand than the active voice because it is not always clear who is acting.

What is the active voice? When you focus on the agent acting, not the recipient of the action.

Passive: The house was damaged by the fire.

Active voice: The fire damaged the house.

Passive: the horse was bitten by the snake.

Active voice: The snake has bitten the horse.

The order of your sentence in the active is subject, verb, object. In passive voice, it is object, verb, subject.

It is not always possible to write in active mode, but make a habit of using it as often as possible. It will make your writing very easy to read, and your readers will thank you for reading more of your writing!

7. Take a break before publishing anything

Another part of your writing habit should involve walking. Stay away from your article before final editing and publishing! It helps to take a good walk in the open air.

Walking is good for your brain and even promises to decrease your chances of developing Alzheimer’s. When you return to your writing with a fresh mind, you will find renewed focus and energy to work. You will see problems that you did not notice before. After your walk, proofread your article before posting or submitting it.

13 examples of creative writing styles

Creative writers use a wide variety of media to write their work. Here are some of the most common in English:

  • Novels
  • Novels and short stories
  • Scenarios, plays, and theater scenarios
  • Letters to the editor, Newspaper columns, and other compelling articles
  • Biographies, autobiographies, and memoirs
  • Travel guides and stories
  • Self-help and instruction books – such as cookbooks and instruction manuals, but not instruction manuals
  • Non-fiction books on hard sciences such as biology and social sciences such as political science and economics
  • Humor books and comic essays
  • Personal essays
  • Journalism, including news and reporting
  • Radio and podcast scenarios
  • The lyrical content, including books of poetry, verse dramas, and song lyrics.

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