9 Foods to Boost Hydration this Summer

9 Foods to Boost Hydration this Summer.

Drinking plenty of water is crucial for your overall health and has numerous advantages for your body and mind. But, you can have trouble getting enough water, particularly if you enjoy drinking coffee and other dehydrating beverages. However, there are alternative ways to stay hydrated and healthy; some meals can satisfy all your liquid needs while adding a ton of flavour. Here are some items you can consume to boost hydration so you won’t need to drink water nonstop.

1. Watermelon

Watermelon has a high water content and is packed with nutrients your body needs. It provides about 15% of your recommended daily vitamin C intake, making it a great source of this vitamin. Because it is high in water and has few calories, eating watermelon is a great way to stay hydrated.

Moreover, it contains lycopene, rich in antioxidants, vitamin B6, potassium, and vitamin A. The ideal treat for a warm and sunny afternoon, watermelon can bring back fond memories and has health advantages. For an added taste boost, add salt.

2. Celery

Celery is an excellent snack for kids and a great source of potassium and vitamin K because of its high water content and low caloric consumption. Due to their activity and the sweat they produce, children require additional fluids to rehydrate. Most drinks, including juice, contain sugars that can cause hyperactivity and cavities.

You can keep your child’s teeth healthy and prevent cavities by staying hydrated. Their teeth may even become more decay-resistant if their water is fluoridated.

As a nutritious snack for them that also serves as a water source spread peanut butter on celery sticks. Moreover, you can cook celery to lend a bit of its distinct flavour to soups, stews, and roasts.

3. Soy or Skim Milk

The best way to stay hydrated is by drinking water, but soy or skim milk may be helpful if you find it difficult to get enough water in your system. Soda can lower your energy levels by interfering with blood circulation and making it challenging for your body to get the oxygen and minerals it requires.

Electrolytes and proteins in milk help your body rehydrate. Soy and skim milk have fewer calories than full milk or sweetened beverages, so they are good swaps for those items. You can combine them with meals high in iron, such as granola, cereal, or nuts, for added health advantages.

4. Cucumbers

The best vegetable for ensuring hydrated is a cucumber. Slices can be blended into smoothies or added to water for a crisp, refreshing taste. Many advantages of staying hydrated include bettering your skin’s health, physical performance, and cognitive abilities.

Because cucumbers are such a universally compatible vegetable, including them in your diet is simple. Adding them to salad, seafood, pasta, or sandwiches increases your water consumption.

5. Yogurt

Plain yoghurt is an excellent protein, calcium, phosphorus, and potassium source. Yoghurt with flavours is still healthy and can keep you hydrated, but because it has extra sugar, these benefits may be lessened. Sugar can promote dental decay, raise the risk of heart disease, and lead to weight gain.

Another adaptable food you may use in recipes to profit from is plain yoghurt. Smoothies or yoghurt with hydrated fruits like blueberries or strawberries are fantastic combinations. Also, you can substitute plain yoghurt for it in baked dishes.

6. Lettuce

With 95% water, lettuce is the picture of hydration. You might meet your recommended daily water intake in one sitting if you eat a salad topped with water-rich fruits and vegetables. In addition to serving as the foundation of a salad, lettuce can also be included in sandwiches and smoothies.

Also, you can use lettuce with water to promote sleep. Pour some boiling water over the lettuce to aid in sleep induction. Although it doesn’t taste excellent, it’s meant to aid with sleep. Why lettuce doesn’t deserve a negative reputation is highlighted by its high water content and capacity to help you get adequate sleep.

7. Cottage Cheese

Calcium, minerals, and probiotics are all added to your diet by cottage cheese. It is low in fat and an excellent replacement for cheese in several classic meals like fettuccine alfredo and macaroni and cheese.

You can enjoy the advantages of this healthy snack by eating cottage cheese by itself, combining it with fruit, or using it as an ingredient in one of your favourite cuisines. You may also combine it to smooth and eliminate the grainy texture. It is also delicious and served as a side dish for pasta.

8. Strawberries

Low in calories are strawberries. They are nutritious because they are also high in fibre and vitamin C. Since they are inherently sweet and incredibly healthy, strawberries are a great way to satisfy your appetite.

Strawberry consumption can control blood sugar levels and treat Type 2 diabetes symptoms. They have a low glycemic index, which can aid with weight management. Strawberries are a fantastic method to maintain your diet, control your weight, and fulfil your sweet need without ruining them.

9. Oranges

You probably already know that oranges are a great source of vitamin C, and kids love them for their sweet flavour. At 86% water and only 0.2 grammes of fat per orange, they are also relatively high in water content.

Oranges provide all your recommended daily vitamin C intakes in addition to potassium, folate, fibre, and protein. You can make mouthwatering frozen desserts like creamsicles and orange floats. They can also be added as garnishes to your preferred drinks.

Increasing Your Water Intake with Food

You might not enjoy drinking water, but you must get your recommended daily intake to stay healthy and give your body what it needs. Fortunately, water may be found in many fruits, vegetables, and other foods. By including these delectable choices in your diet, you can up your daily consumption while also taking advantage of their numerous health advantages.

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