Some Of The Benefits Of Trimming Your Hair

Some Of The Benefits Of Trimming Your Hair

Avoid Split Ends:

It’s a fact. A known fact that if you cut your hair regularly, you’re more likely to avoid split ends. I hate to tell you. No treatment in the world can cure or fix your split ends. Once these ends are separated, they separate forever; there is nothing you can do to “fix” them. Your options are to live with brittle and damaged tips or cut and start over! By monitoring your ends, for the most part, you can tell when they need a little TLC. That will determine how often you incorporate regular cuts into your natural hair routine. For some, it may be every 3 or 4 months; for others, twice yearly. What works best for your hair is what you want to keep. But you want to ensure your ends are treated with care so you don’t add further damage (splits can go all the way to the end of your hair)—the hair shaft. And no one will be happy then). Take care of your ends, and they will reward you with healthy, thriving hair! In this article, we will let you know the benefits of trimming your hair.

Prevents Single-

Strand Knots: Luckily, I haven’t had to deal with single-strand knots as often, but I know many, many women who do. By incorporating regular cuts into your natural hair regimen, you’ll solve the problem of single-strand tangles before it becomes a genuinely frustrating problem. Even if you occasionally get single-strand jams, frequent trimming will help alleviate the pain in the long run.

Your hair will look thicker and healthier:

Every time I get a haircut, I swear I’ll always stick to the schedule because my hair always looks bouncy after me. Once you get those dead ends out of the way (both physically and metaphorically), your hair will look much thicker and healthier than it did when you had those sparse ends that held on for a lifetime. Yes, your hair will look shorter for a while. But long health is still the goal/mission.

Minimizes Frizz:

Especially on the cold New York streets in winter, frizz can reach an all-time high when you have unhealthily damaged tips. Going too long between a haircut has the potential for a frizzy result, even with your best staples and styling. When I add scarves, sweaters, and winter coats, I often find that my ends take a big hit when they’re likely not pinned or tucked into a projective style.

Promotes Healthy Hair Growth –

This should not be confused with cutting hair to grow it faster. That is often said in natural hair because cutting gives your natural hair a chance to grow more healthily. It makes your hair seem to grow faster when it comes down to retaining more of your growth/length compared to the amount of shedding/hair loss you experience when you have split ends.

Easier to detangle:

Whenever my ends have gone too long without being cut, I find it much harder to detangle them. I also have a more significant amount of hair loss. When you add hair loss and difficulty detangling into the mix, you’re probably dealing with much less hair growth and retention than you think. By cutting more evenly, you create room for the slip and moisture of your favourite natural hair product to do its job and reduce the difficulty of detangling.

Hold Styles Longer:

Messy, unhealthy ends will ruin a style no matter how much time, energy, and gel you put into it. Twist outs, perm rod sets and wash-and-go’s will never taste as good as you’d like if your ends don’t match. That means. Her styling process requires a cut to make the style last longer.

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