Alt Outfit Ideas:5 Cool Alternative outfits for Women

Alt Outfit Ideas:5 Cool Alternative outfits for Women

The alternative outfits does not follow trends. It’s generally less practical than other aesthetics but shows the user’s extreme creativity. It also means that many of us start our fashion journey with an alternative look. Allow experimentation, and the possibilities are endless.

Basics for an alternative outfit

An alternative style allows you to do almost anything you want with what you have on hand. But some items, fabrics and colours are alternative style staples.

Black – In every sense, shape and form, black items are your best allies in creating an alternative wardrobe.

Velvet and tartan: These two fabrics are staples of the alternative scene. Velvet is known for its goth vibe, and tartan for its connections to early punk and rock.

Lace and mesh – Again, lace and mesh are important parts of an alternative wardrobe. The alternative style usually involves a lot of layers, and these fabrics are thin enough to do that and show some skin as well.

Platforms – While combat boots may be the obvious choice, platforms are the truly dominant shoe of the alternative style. Creepers, in particular, are the most common type of shoe. However, platforms in all presentations are the best way to take things to the next level (literally!).

Items inspired by night: The moon, stars, comets and galaxy are staples for alternative looks. They’re found everywhere, from prints to accessories, and usually come in black, blue, purple, and silver.

Five cool outfit ideas for alternative girls

1 – Casual Grunge

Jeans are a staple in almost everyone’s wardrobe, and flannel shirts are a great means to add a slight flair to any look. Flannel and denim are wardrobe staples when looking for an alternative style. They are also the easiest way to immerse yourself in the alternate world.

For a casual grunge look, start with a white crop top. Since it’s summer, try a short-sleeved flannel shirt instead of a long-sleeved shirt.

Pair it with black suede platform rompers to add an alternative touch to the look.

2 – Pretty in punk

Just because the alternate scene tends toward darker colours doesn’t mean it avoids colour entirely. Pink, in particular, is always very present in alternative outfits.

This outfit is for all fans of pink who are looking for a less girly outfit and a more edgy alternative. Velvet is easily one of the top three fabrics for an alternative look, thanks to its gothic character. Wear a white striped t-shirt with pink velvet flared pants.

For shoes, opt for a pair of black suede platform oxfords with studs. When the day gets a little chillier, or you want an extra layer, a classic black biker jacket goes perfectly with the rest of the look. Finally, accompany it with a wide-brimmed black hat.

3 – Vampire in the pool

Summer weather and activities are for everyone. And it can be challenging to design alternate outfits to keep working against the backdrop of a colorful pool party. But don’t worry, it is possible to age in the summer!

Wear a black bodysuit with flared fishnet sleeves and a square neckline on the hottest days of summer. Put on high-waisted black denim shorts and black fishnet stockings for the bottom. Tights add an extra layer of the structure that makes the outfit more interesting. Black platform sandals are the perfect summer shoes for this look.

Accessories are essential for an alternative look. To complete the outfit, wear a wide-brimmed black hat and wide-rimmed sunglasses.

4 – On the periphery of the general public

Corsets of all styles, sizes and colours are a must-have for goths and emos everywhere. Corsets are everywhere these days, but alternative women (and men) have been wearing them for decades. It is your look if you need or want to dress up a little more.

Pair a matte burgundy fabric corset with a black satin midi skirt. It would be nice if the dress had a slit like this, but if it doesn’t, or you’re uncomfortable with it, that’s fine. The look also works without it.

5 – a touch of colour

Just like with corsets, alternative folks have been decades ahead of the rest of us when it comes to tie-dye and mesh.

Pair a brown mesh shirt with a black bralette underneath. Wear fabulous black and red tie-dye jeans as pants, and wear black Chelsea boots with a small platform on the feet. Complete the look with a black crossbody bag, even better when it has a unique detail or weave, like this one with its fabulous chandelier embellishment.

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