5 Exercises For A Sharp Jawline

Sharp Jawline

5 Exercises For A Sharp Jawline:  While some people are genetically gifted with this perfectly defined and imposing sharp jawline, most of us are not. Not to mention how poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, aging, and gravity can contribute to a rounder, softer, and weaker jawbone.

You don’t have to live with the jawbone you were born with, nor do you need to let the other factors mentioned above deter you. You also don’t need to undergo expensive and painful surgery to get a stronger jawbone (Sharp Jawline).

Five exercises you can do to improve and strengthen your jaw area:

1. Neck loops

Imagine that your neck is your stomach. Neck curls have the same elementary movement as abdominal curls and train the anterior muscles of the neck.

How do you do the neck curls?

Lie on your back.

Bring your chin back to your chest while lifting your head off the ground.

Lower your head to the ground, but do not touch the ground.

Repeat the exercise 10 times, resting your neck, then doing two more sets. Be careful not to overdo it. The anterior neck muscles are not trained much, and performing neck curls for the first time can cause strain and pain. So take it easy. You can raise the number of repetitions and sets as your neck gets more robust. To learn more about jaw exercises, check out the tips on TheJawline.net

2. Neck thrust backwards

This works the front neck muscles with emphasis on the sides of the neck and under the chin.

How do you do a neck push?

Sit or stand with your backbone straight, shoulders back and chin parallel to the floor.

Push your head back without affecting your shoulders or the break of your body.

When you feel the physiques on the sides of your neck contracting, hold for a second or two, then release back to your original position.

Do three sets of 10 repetitions. Hold the position longer as you progress – up to 30 seconds. Be cautious not to lift your chin and keep it parallel to the floor as you press and release. Do not press down on your chin when you let go of the handle.

3. Tongue presses

Tongue presses work the muscles under the chin, and it’s an essential exercise for those who have developed a double chin or cheek.

How do you do tongue presses?

This workout can be performed in any position – sitting, standing or lying down.

Place the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth(inward fold), just behind your upper front teeth.

Now Push the back of the tongue towards the palate and cover the entire roof of the mouth.

In this position, hum to create vibrations to activate the muscles.

Let go and repeat.

Now, do three sets of 15 repetitions of this exercise. If you look down at your throat in the mirror while pressing your tongue, it will feel like you are swallowing. Essentially, this exercise mimics swallowing, which is the action that works these muscles under the chin. Swallow and focus on the strengths being used. You should use the same muscles while performance tongue presses.

4. Vowels O E

It works the muscles around the mouth and on the side of the face.

How to perform O-E vowel sounds

Open your mouth wide.

Do an exaggerated O, followed by an E, then an O again. Make sure to stretch the muscles with each movement by opening your mouth as wide as possible.

Do three sets of 15 O E O repetitions. It is a great idea to do this exercise in front of the mirror to see the movement of your face muscles as you perform the two different vowels. Remember to keep your mouth open and not touch your teeth.

5. Pullups

Pull-ups train the chin muscles and the lower face muscles.

Keeping your mouth closed, press your lower jaw and lip outward.

Hold up to 15 seconds, then release and return to your original position.

Perform three sets of 15 repetitions of pullups. While doing this exercise, make sure to keep your head still. Otherwise, you will not be exercising the correct muscles. Also, make sure that only your chin or lower jaw pushes forward and not your whole head.

While these exercises strengthen your jawline, it is essential to consider other factors that can affect the appearance of your face. Upholding an optimal weight and eating a healthy diet will help develop a robust and well-defined jawline.

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